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THEM: Pisces


YOU: Capricorn

The Results

The hard working go-getter and the artsy free-spirit come together in a way nobody expected. You two are the Dharma and Greg of your social circle. Who knew the metaphysical yoga instructor would pair so nicely with the seemingly uptight businessman? Unlike other signs, Capricorn's traditional nature doesn't bother an unconventional Pisces. In fact, the fish's ability to just go with the flow, could even rub off on Capricorn, making the old goat a tad less rigid. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations. The running waters of Pisces will gently push Capricorn outside the goat's social comfort zone. On the outside, Capricorn is the stable one who runs a tight ship and keeps things organized. Some people might mistakenly believe that this Earth sign is equally uptight in the bedroom—they are quite wrong. Open-minded Pisces is the perfect lover for Capricorn to reveal his experimental side to. By day, this couple neatly fits into their respective roles of rebel Pisces and conservative Capricorn. By night, these roles reverse and surprisingly Cappy is the crazy one. 

You both enjoy taking in obscure bits of knowledge wherever you go. You will love spending weekends at foreign films festivals, attending gallery openings, and discovering hole in the wall restaurants. You make fabulous business partners and well as lovers. You would do well to open a restaurant together with Pisces out on the floor charming guests, and Capricorn in the back crunching numbers. This pair has the potential to be a great team!

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